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Current version, updated November 28, 2014

Tested with macOS 10.5 - macOS High Sierra


    • Download the AC Toolbox and tutorial

There are interface issues concerning use with macOS Mojave. Later versions of the macOS are not supported.

If there are problems downloading a program file, try selecting the link with Control-Click or using a different browser.


Universal binary (10.3.9 or higher)

    • AC Toolbox 4.5.6

    • AC Toolbox 4.5.5

    • AC Toolbox 4.5.4

    • AC Toolbox 4.5.3

    • AC Toolbox 4.5.2

    • AC Toolbox 4.5.1

    • AC Toolbox 4.5

Panther (10.3)

    • AC Toolbox 4.3.2

Jaguar (10.2)

    • AC Toolbox 4.1.2 

Version 3.5 for macOS 8.6-9.x requires OMS for Midi input/output

    • AC Toolbox 3.5

    • AC Toolbox Tutorial for 3.5/4.1

Version which only works on 68K-based computers using Apple Midi Manager.

    • Ancient 68K version

    • Apple Midi Manager