AC Toolbox

A program to assist algorithmic composition. (
This text contains the brief documentation for all available help.

1/F-Choice Random choice based on fractional noise
1/F-Value Random with fractional noise
2-Masks Generate with 1 mask and block with a second mask
A-Delay Represent an actual delay time in a note structure
A-Note Represent a note or chord in a note structure
A-Rest Represent a rest in a note structure
Act-Choose-Directory-Dialog Allow programmers to pick a folder
Act-Choose-File-Dialog Allow programmers to choose a file
Act-If Select generators by specified conditions
Act-Sort Sort stockpiles in various ways
Add-Generator Provide a help string or file for a generator
Add-Generator-Brief Add a brief description of a generator
Add-To Add a value to a constant
Add-Tool Provide a help string or file for a tool
Add-Tool-Brief Add a brief description of a tool
Add-Transformer Provide a help string or file for a transformer
Add-Transformer-Brief Add a brief description of a transformer
Adjust-Internal-Representation Change internal representation of a section
Alea One uniform random value between limits
All-Intervals Make lists where each possible interval occurs once
Allow-Interval Allows only specified intervals
Allow-Larger-Quantization-Stack Effects the stack used for quantizing data for FOMUS
Always Always returns the same value
Anchor Converts a shape with specified start and end points
Anything Make a condition to use with WITH, WITHOUT, etc.
Apply-Function Apply a function to 2 or more things
Apply-Object Apply either controller or scheme
Arc Shortcut for describing exponential motion
At-Csound-Time Transforms part of a Csound score file
At-Osc-Time Transform part of an OSC file
Attacks Make and map attack times
Average Calculates the average value
Backwards Return a backwards copy
Band-Pass Passes values between boundaries
Band-Reject Rejects values between boundaries
Bank A bank of band-pass filters for values
Basic-Error-Message Make dialog box for error message
Beta One random value, mainly near 0 or 1
Beta-Choice Random tending toward the first and the last
Beta-Tendency-Choice Mask read using beta distribution
Beta-Tendency-Value Use a beta distribution to read a tendency-mask
Beta-Value Random tending toward low and high values
Block-Interval Prevents the generation of unwanted intervals
Bpm Convert BPM to a clock unit in ms
Bundle Makes a bundle for OSC score objects
Bv Shortcut for random tending to extremes
Cal Calculate with stockpiles, generators, etc.
Cauchy-Choice Random symmetrical around the middle of a stockpile
Cauchy-Value Random symmetrical around a point
Cg Shortcut for clip-generator
Change-Object-Order Change object creation times
Change-Octave Keep pitch but change octave
Changing-Weights Random with weights that can change over time
Chaotic-Notes Make a list of notes using a chaotic generator
Choice-Generator Use a generator to read from a stockpile
Choose-Interpolation Interpolate between 2 or more things.
Chord-Multiplication Pitches of one chord and the intervals of another
Chromatic Generate a chromatic scale
Clean-Up-Blanks Destructively removes empty events from a section
Cleanup-Chord Filters repetitions and intervals from chords
Clear-Preference-File On restart, only the default preferences will be used
Clip Transformer that clips a value outside of desired range
Clip-Generator Clips a (generated) value to be within limits
Clock->Mm Convert clock unit to a metronome indication
Collect-Things Collect various things into a list
Combine Combine 2 things with a function, e.g. +
Combine-All Combines each value in two stockpiles
Combine-Mutation Two Polansky morphological mutations in series
Compose Compose (combine) several functions into one
Compress Compress toward a middle value
Constraint-And Combine constraints for WITH, WITHOUT, etc.
Constraint-Not Negate constraint for WITH, WITHOUT, etc.
Constraint-Or Combine constraints for WITH, WITHOUT, etc.
Controller-Filter Make a filter for MIDI controller values
Controller-Transform Can be used to transform Midi controller values
Convert Convert values or objects to a certain range
Convert-Stockpile Maps a stockpile to a new range
Convert-To-Lookup-Table Convert a shape etc. to values for a lookup table
Convert/Time Converts an object but returns 1 value at a time
Convert/Time2 Converts an object 1 value at a time; keywords are used
Convert2 Converts values or objects using keywords; quantizing is possible
Create Make a list or vector with a generator
Create-Sequence Make a note structure with a generator
Create-Text-File Make a test file using generators, etc.
Create-Text-Window Print various data to a window
Csound-Frame-Size Calculates frame size for pvanal (Csound)
Csound-Table-Size Calculates a table size for Csound Gen1 statements
Current Make a condition for SELECT-GENERATOR-BY-CONDITION
Custom-Density-Choice Random choice with a shape for probability
Custom-Density-Value Random with a shape as the density function
Define Associate objects with names in the text version
Define-Scale Create a scale generator with an interval pattern
Density Shortcut for density-of-start-times
Density-Of-Start-Times Calculate start times for a Csound or OSC file
Derive-Transition-Table Make a transition table by analysis
Do-The-Next-Thing Do whatever is right to produce the next thing
Duffing Nonlinear dynamical system (chaos)
Duplicates Make a filter to use with WITHOUT
Ev Shortcut for exponential-value
Ex Shortcut for external-value
Expand Expand a value using a middle line
Expcurve-Choice Random choice with a decreasing or increasing curve
Expcurve-Value Random favoring low or high values
Exponential-Choice Random choice favoring first values
Exponential-Motion Exponential motion from start to finish in N steps
Exponential-Value Random favoring low values
Exprand-Choice Random choice favoring values with a lower index
Exprand-Value Random favoring low values
External-Value Read external Midi controller
Extract Extract separate parameters from a section, etc.
Fibonacci 'Fibonacci series' from any starting points
Fill-Gaps Fills the gap between notes
Fill-Template Create a dialog box by evaluating a Lisp expression
Filter-And Accept section events that meet more than 1 condition
Filter-If Applies a filter to only some section events
Filter-Or Accepts section events that meet one of several conditions
Filter-Stockpile Filters a stockpile or list
Find-Range Finds the minimum and maximum value of an object.
Flatten Remove parentheses from a list
Fm-Chord Chord reflecting the frequency modulation of 2 frequencies
Fn Shortcut for from-number
Follow Follow a shape to multiply value
For-Example Print examples of applying a generator
Force-Int Force value to be an integer
Force-Mod Applies a modulo operation during a transformation
Frequency-Shift-Chord Shift pitches of a chord by a frequency
From Make a sequence of value from BEGIN to END
From-Layers The number of layers in a Csound or OSC file
From-Number The number of events specified or calculated
From-Overlap Used with OVERLAP in a Csound or OSC file.
From-Start-Times Number calculated when using DENSITY-OF-START-TIMES
Fst Shortcut for from-start-times
Function-Of-X A function using X with a varying value
Funnel Force values to the nearest value in a list (sieve)
Gather-Until Gather values in a list until a sum is reached
Gaussian-Choice Random choice favoring the middle
Gaussian-Value Random favoring an average value
Generate Turn a tool or a Lisp expression into a generator
Generate-Average Statistical distribution by averaging values
Generate-Diversity Make a list with N different values
Generate-Line Generate and/or interpolate values
Generate-Range Make a list until an upper limit is reached
Generate-Scale Produce a scale by adding intervals
Generate-Sf-Name Choose a soundfile name in a Csound score
Generate-Sum Adds several applications of a generator
Get-Intervals Returns a list of intervals in a stockpile
Get-Length Return the number of values in an AC Toolbox object
Get-Most-Recent Get the last value produced by a controller object
Get-Object-Duration Returns the duration of a section or community
Get-Rhythmic-Unit Derive a clock unit from a section, etc.
Get-Stockpile Return a list of values from an object
Gl Shortcut for generating lines
Group Repeat a (generated) value
Grow Produces a geometric or arithmetric series
Gsf Shortcut for generate-sf-name
Harmonic-Chord Make a chord based on (generated) harmonics
Harmonic-Minor Generate a harmonic minor scale
Help->File Gather online help into one html (or text) file
Henon Nonlinear dynamical system (chaos)
High-Pass Passes values >= a threshold
Hz->Midi Translate frequency in Hz to Midi note number
If-Channel Applies a transformer to the selected channel
In-Parallel Include note structures at the same time
In-Sequence Include note structures one after another
Insert-Rest Inserts rests into a section at indicated time points
Insert-To-Section Inserts one or more sections in another one
Inside-Osc Allows OSC arguments to be updated inside an event
Interpolate Interpolate between 2 things according to a shape
Interpolate-Chords Interpolation between notes in a chord
Interpolate-Loops Stepwise interpolation between two lists
Interpret-Pulse Convert an indispensability value to a pulse, rest or accent
Interpret-Sieve Interpret sieve as a rhythm
Invert Change the direction of intervals
Invert-Stockpile Inverts a stockpile
Iterate The output is the input for the next iteration
Jitter Random deviation around a center value
Join Combines two or more objects of the same type
Join->Chord Combines the results of generators into a chord
Jump Walks and then jumps before walking again
Layer-Number The layer being calculated in Csound or OSC objects
Lehmer-Choice Choice with a deterministic pattern generator
Lehmer-Value Pattern generation with linear congruential formula
Limit Returns part of a stockpile between or outside limits
Limit-Range Squeeze a value into a range, modulo N
Limit-Spectrum Limits a spectrum to a certain pitch range
Line Shortcut for producing line segments
Line-Segment Produce points on a line
Linear-Choice Random choice favoring values with a lower (or higher) index
Linear-Value Random favoring low (or high) values
Lisp Allows Lisp code to be used in edit boxes
Load-Sound-File Returns a list read from a mono AIFF or WAVE file
Logist Nonlinear dynamical system (chaos)
Logist2 Nonlinear dynamical system (chaos)
Lookup Translate a value using a table
Loop-Through Loop through (and map) a list or stockpile
Lorenz Nonlinear dynamical system (chaos)
Low-Pass Passes values <= a threshold
Lv Shortcut for linear-value
Major Generate a major scale
Make Apply a generator for only 1 value
Make&Sort Apply a generator N times and sort the results
Make-Chord Make a chord (pitches) of (generated) size
Make-Conditional-Table Construct a transition table of order 1 or higher
Make-Histogram Draw or print a histogram
Make-Lookup-Table Make a table to use with generator LOOKUP
Make-Many-Variants Generates several variants of an object
Make-Note-Function Generate notes for a note section
Make-Permutation Make a list of all permutations of some elements
Make-Row Makes a random (12-tone) row
Make-Unconditional-Table Construct a zero order transition table
Map-Text Maps a text into a list of ASCII values
Map-Tracks Translate sound analysis data (tracks) to notes
Map/Time Translate a value in real time
Mapvalue Translate a value in one range to another range
Masks&Values Generate mask segments and values from them
Mc Shortcut for make-chord
Melodic-Minor Generate a melodic minor scale
Message Specify OSC messages for bundles
Metric-Fractions Generates a series of fractions equal to 1
Metric-Pattern Make a list dividing a value evenly
Metric-Values Generate equal subdivisions of a value
Midi->Hz Translate Midi note numbers to a frequency in Hz
Midi->Notename Translate Midi note number to a string
Midi-Articulation Subtract a value from all note durations
Mingle Interleave 2 or more stockpiles, etc.
Mirror Mirror around a center value
Mix-Chords Interpolate by selecting values from adjacent chords
Mm Convert a metronome marking to a clock unit in ms
More-Than Make a filter to use with WITHOUT
Morph Linear interpolation between 2 values
Ms Shortcut for generating and sorting values (make&sort)
Multiple-Bandwidths Make a list with all values in several bandwidths
Mutate Polansky's morphological mutation metrics
Mv Shortcut for masks&values
No-More-Than Makes a list and constrains the number of particular values
Noise-Choice Random choice with various fractional noises
Noise-Value Random using various fractional noises
Note-Channel Returns the channel of a note structure
Note-Pass-Filter A filter that only passes note values
Note-Pitch Returns the pitch of a note structure
Note-Rhythm Returns the rhythm of a note structure
Note-Velocity Returns the velocity of a note structure
On-The-Fly Generator to calculate with stockpiles, generators, etc.
Open-Url Opens an url in a browser window
Osc-Frame Convert seconds -> frames for OSC messages
Otf Shortcut for on-the-fly
Overlap Generates overlapping start times for Csound or OSC files
Par Read other parameters in Csound score
Pass-Stockpile-Filter A filter for a stockpile
Peaks? Returns the number of peaks in spectral data
Pendulum Nonlinear dynamical system (chaos)
Pentatonic Generate a pentatonic scale
Phrase-Groupings Use Tenney's segmentation rule to group
Pick Shortcut for series-value
Piecewise Produce envelope following specified points
Pitch-And-Octave A pitch from a separate pitch-class and octave
Pitch-Class Filter pitch classes in WITH and WITHOUT
Pitch-Class-Filter Passes pitches found in a list of pitch classes
Pitch-Interval-Filter Rejects specified parallel or sequential intervals
Pitch-Matrix Makes a matrix of pitch transpositions
Pitch-Repetition-Filter Filters repeated pitches in a section
Pitch-Track Returns pitches from 1 or more tracks of an analysis
Plot Make a visual representation of an object, etc.
Plot-Many Plots more than one generator, list, or stockpile
Plus-Min Generate rhythms or rests with a probability
Positive-Negative A positive value followed by a negative one.
Predicate Make a condition to use with WITH, WITHOUT, etc.
Prime-Number Prime numbers starting with N
Print-Phrase-Groupings Indicate phrase segmentation when printing a score
Print-Result Evaluates an expression and prints the result in a window.
Probability-Filter A filter that passes values using probabilities
Produce Make a list from a generator or other object
Produce-Pulse Produce rhythm from an indispensability list
Program-Filter Make a filter for MIDI program changes
Program-Transform Can be used to transform Midi program changes
Pulse-Hierarchy Make indispensabilities for PRODUCE-PULSE
Pulse-Interpolation Interpolate between 2 lists of indispensabilities
Quantize Quantize according to a specified unit
Ramp Sawtooth function
Random-Choice Random choice with uniform distribution
Random-Deviation Add some amount of random deviation
Random-Intervals Add random choice of intervals, up or down
Random-Value Random with an uniform distribution
Ratio-Choice Weighted random choice
Ratio-Value Random with weights
Rc Shortcut for random choice
Read-From Read a stockpile using shapes, masks, etc.
Read-Permutation Read from a previously made permutation
Read-Spectrum-File Reads a spectrum file to use with other tools
Read-Text-File Make a list of values from a text file
Read-Tracks-File Read a sound analysis file containing track data
Rearrange Rearranges a stockpile according to an index rule.
Rearrange-Stockpile Shuffle, swap, rotate, or rearrange a stockpile
Reject-Channel A filter that rejects data from the selected channel(s)
Reject-Pitch-Class-Filter Rejects pitches found in a list of pitch classes
Reject-Stockpile-Filter A filter for a stockpile
Remake&Vary To generate a community
Remove-Doubles Remove double values from chords
Remove-Repetitions Read or generate without adjacent repetitions
Remove-Successive Remove pitches that occurred in previous chord
Render-Csd Renders an existing Csound csd file to audio
Render-Osc Render an existing OSC file to audio
Repetition-Filter A filter that removes successive repetitions
Replace-All Replace all values in a parameter
Replace-As-Rhythm Replace a rhythm parameter using a clock unit
Replace-By-Index Replace values at index positions
Replace-Csd-Options Replace the rendering options in a Csound file
Replace-If Replace a value if a condition is met
Replace-Value Replace one specified value with another one
Retrograde-Stockpile Reverses a stockpile or the lists in a matrix
Rewrite Apply rewrite rules to produce a list
Rf Shortcut for read-from
Ring-Modulate-Chord Chord reflecting the ring modulation of 2 chords
Ro Shortcut for round-off
Roessler Nonlinear dynamical system (chaos)
Round-Off Round off (quantize) a generated value
Roundq Quantizes a value to some unit
Rs Shortcut for rearrange-stockpile
Rv Shortcut for random with an uniform distribution
Sample Sample output of a generator or stockpile
Sbl Shortcut for scaling amplitudes (Csound, OSC)
Sc Shortcut for series-choice
Scale-By-Layers Scales a value for a Csound or OSC file
Scale-Intervals Use specified intervals to produce allowed values
Scale-Tempo Scale tempo to equal the duration of another object
Seconds->Samples Converts a value in seconds to a number of samples
Select-Channel A filter that returns data from the selected channel(s)
Select-Generator Select a generator with a generator
Select-Generator-By-Condition Use comparisons to select a generator
Select-Generator-By-Number Select a generator using a number
Select-Patterns Choose patterns and return each value
Select-Stockpiles Change stockpiles while a generator is running
Series-Choice Random choice without repetitions
Series-Value Random without repetitions
Sf Shortcut for sf-name
Sf-Name Specify a soundfile name in a Csound score
Shake Adds deviation in percentages or absolute values
Shortcut Define symbolic shortcuts for functions
Shotgun Randomly removes some percentage of the values
Shove Add rests by shoving aside values
Show Print applications of a generator in a window
Show-Help Shows help for a given symbol
Show-Info Shows duration, number of events, and other info
Show-Midi->Hz Prints frequency values for MIDI note numbers
Show-Text Prints text version of some objects
Show-Transformation Test transformer with a list of values
Shuffle Segment a stockpile and randomly reorder within each segment
Si Shortcut for sieve-intersection
Sieve Make a sieve segment (set of increasing integers)
Sieve-Filter A filter that selects values by index or start-time
Sieve-Intersection Make the intersection of 2 or more sieves (lists)
Sieve-Union Make the union of 2 or more sieves (lists)
Simplify-Chords Gather notes with the same start time into a chord
Sine Generate a sine motion between 2 limits
Skip-Rests Check for a rest before making a pitch value
Sl Shortcut for slider-value
Slice Make a new object which is a slice off an old one
Slider-Value Read and map numbers from Stream Sliders
Spectrum->Amp Returns a list of velocity values from spectral data
Spectrum->Chord Returns a chord (list of pitches) from spectral data
Spectrum->Freq Returns a list of frequencies from spectral data
Spectrum->Mirror Mirrors note numbers of a spectrum
Spectrum->Pitch Returns a list of pitch values from spectral data
Spectrum->Range Returns note range of a spectrum
Spectrum->Structure Makes a parallel note structure from spectral data
Spectrum->Window Prints information from spectral data to a window
Split Split a (rhythmic) value recursively
Spray Converts a shape, etc. and adds a random deviation
Spread Shortcut for pitch-and-octave
Srv Shortcut for series-value
Standard-Map Nonlinear dynamical system (chaos)
Stockpile->Notename Converts a list of Midi note numbers to names
Stretch Multiply a value
Stutter Generate values then repeat the last one
Su Shortcut for sieve-union
Sum Calculates the sum
Sv Shortcut for sieve
Sync Synchronize controller objects
Take Take some of this, then some of that ...
Take-One Return one value from a controller or other object
Tendency-Choice Random choice between moving boundaries
Tendency-Value Random between moving boundaries
Test-Generator Find the minimum and maximum value of a generator
Test-Value Read numbers from Test value dialog (Other menu)
Thin Thin an indispensability list
Thin-Pulse Thin an indispensability list for a rhythmic value
Tracks? Returns the number of tracks in sound analysis data
Tran Make your own transformer
Transform-And Transforms a parameter if all conditions are met.
Transform-By-Index Transforms values at index positions
Transform-If Transforms one parameter if one condition is met.
Transform-Material 'Motivic' transformation of a stockpile
Transform-Or Transforms a parameter if one of many conditions is met.
Transform-Some Transform some of the input values
Transform-Stockpile Transform a stockpile
Transform/Time Continuous transformation (as a generator)
Transition Random values using a table of probabilities
Translate Maps value to another range
Transpose Add a value
Triangle-Choice Random choice favoring the middle
Triangle-Value Random favoring middle values
Trv Shortcut for triangle-value
Tv Shortcut for test-value
Unix Execute a Unix command
Until-Time Generate values until durations equal a time value
Ut Shortcut for until-time
Value-Pass Passes one value
Value-Reject Rejects one value
Vary Vary objects (to make a community)
Walk Add a value to the previous result
Weibull-Choice Random choice with a variable shape and spread
Weibull-Value Random with variable shape and spread
Whole-Tone Generate a whole tone scale
With Filter to pass values being generated
With-Probability Transforms a percentage of the values
Without Filter to reject values being generated
Xcv Shortcut for expcurve-value
Xrv Shortcut for exprand-value